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Why are the Chewy Banana Bites brown?

We brown all of our bananas to perfection bringing out that banana bread taste just like Nana makes. The naturally occurring sugars in the bananas caramelize and condense though our dehydration process.



Are all your ingredients Non-GMO?

Yes, all of our products and ingredients are non-GMO, to be USDA Organic being non-GMO is also required - however, we don't have a Non-GMO certification. 


Where are Banabites made?

Banabites is proudly made in Ecuador with all our ingredients are organic and sourced locally supporting local farmers. Between all our products we use fresh bananas, cacao, coffee and, raw sugar cane.  


Is Banabites Kosher

Yes, all of our products are certified Kosher through Apple Kosher.


Are all Banabites products Vegan?

Three of our products are 100% vegan


Allergy Questions

What are your official allergen statements?


Our facilities do not process milk or any tree nuts. 


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